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Decorating like a Professional - when you don't have one

Decorating like a Professional - when you don't have one

Furniture shopping can seem overwhelming, I speak from years of experience.  Decorating the Lake House will be my first time decorating a house on my own - start to finish.

A few of the things I’ve learned from watching the professionals over the years would be:

Don’t buy for a room on a piece to piece bases. Don’t say well I love this couch and then I loved this lamp and then I REALLY loved this piece of art. You have to think of the room as a whole.  Start with your anchoring piece, the big one, your favorite one that the rest of the room will work to compliment.

Stay in the same color pallet but use various shades of it.  Instead of mixing too many colors in a room mix your materials instead to give the room some texture.

Always be mindful of what other rooms have a view of the room you’re decorating and make sure they don’t fight it on the color spectrum.

Invest in pieces that will get the most use (couch, coffee table) you can get amazing accessories at home goods stores that are really inexpensive.

Buying a sofa in a neutral or at least solid color allows you to change the look of the room just by switching out throw pillows or a blanket.

Adding green house plants or trees gives a room a whole new life.

Lighting is EVERYTHING in a room! And I don’t mean the fixtures.  Put a dimmer on a switch and watch your room transform!  All your ceiling light fixtures and can lights, dim them! Use soft, low watt bulbs for your lamps.

If hiring a professional decorator isn’t in your budget you still don’t have to be on your own. Most large furniture stores offer free design services where they will help you measure your space and recommend items that will fit the room and go with each other, take the help!

Can’t wait to show you the Lake House, we are so close to being done.  My husband and Arnolfo deserve some praise as well.  I keep wishing we had filmed the whole thing bc it would have been half renovation show and half comedy.

ps* My favorite interior wall color has always been Benjamin Moore White Dove and more recently Benjamin Moore China White.  



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  • I absolutley love your design taste . So clean and fresh . Just found your blog and I’m loving it already . Perhaps I’ll run into you on a shopping expedition in TN one day . Can’t wait to see the Lake house when it’s done . All the best x

    Patricia on

  • Is it just me, or is the couch you are sitting on in the above pic bigger than a “normal” sized couch? Or is it just because you are so tiny? I realize that if you are decorating a large room, bigger furniture wouild be the answer of course.
    PS: Thanks for your advice on all subjects, I have found that your tips and recipes are very helpful so never stop blogging!


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