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Gift guide for Her

Gift guide for Her

1.  Brookstone Nap Blanket

This blanket is one of the softest and coziest blankets you will ever wrap yourself in!  The price point is unbeatable and it comes in an array of colors!  Who doesn't love a great blanket?  Make someones day by draping them in this coziness!


2.  Starbucks or any favorite Coffee Shop gift card

I love this kind of gift because it's something most everyone will appreciate! You can either put it in a Christmas card, in someones stocking or my favorite way -- inside a coffee mug!  Starbucks now also offers E GIFT CARDS - you pick your holiday card and it's emailed to the recipient for them to redeem electronically! Easy!


3.  Coffee Mugs

If you have been following me on instagram for a while you know my obsession with these mugs!  Here's the thing, it's not just the sayings - it's the mugs too!  I have been in plenty of stores where I loved the saying on a coffee mug but when I picked it up thought, "I wouldn't enjoy drinking coffee from this".  If you are a TRUE coffee lover you know the mug is just as important as the coffee - it's the experience!  


If I were giving them as a gift I would include a starbucks gift card inside the mug - anywhere from $5.00 up. Depending on who you are giving it to, you can kick it up a notch by also putting a miniature Baileys bottle inside as well.  At the liquor store they sell Holiday packs of mini (it think it's 2 oz???) bottles in amazing flavors!  Put one of those with chocolate kisses inside the mug or with the gift card.  You can make it personal, whatever works for you! Have fun with it, there's no right or wrong way!

Use the code: JEN10 to receive 10% off  your order.  Also, if you live in the Nashville area you and have not checked out this store in Cool Springs you MUST go - they have the most amazing gift ideas - SILVER & STEER CO.


Easy!  See below for a super cute and festive way to give them!

4.  Wine Glasses

Not only do I love the sayings on these glasses, I actually LOVE them as wine glasses.  They are the perfect size and because they are stemless there is less chance of tipping them over! Surely you know someone that can relate or would appreciate each of these sayings.


Use the code: JEN10 to receive 10% off  your order.  Also, if you live in the Nashville area you and have not checked out this store in Cool Springs you MUST go - they have the most amazing gift ideas. - SILVER & STEER CO.


If I were giving them as a gift I would also include a bottle of wine!  You could put the wine glass (or 4) in a cute basket with tissue to keep them safe!

My favorite wines which I love and therefor love to give as gifts are:


White: KIM CRAWFORD Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc


5. Voluspa Bourbon French Vanilla Candle 

This is my absolute favorite candle to give as a gift - any time of year!  I have never heard anyone say it smells less than AMAZING!  It comes in an array of sizes ( which vary in price) and containers - you pick how much you want to spend.  I promise your recipient will thank you!


6. Wickman 

How I lived this long not knowing these existed is a real mystery.  You know when you blow out a candle and your wick has turned into a big black ball that just keeps smoking???  Plus they're really ugly to look at when your candle isn't lit!  Introducing the Wickman, here to solve all your wick problem needs!  It's like a pair of scissors for the wick except it catches the tip and holds it in its little handle until you open it and drop it in the garbage.  I cut the tips off all my candles now and when I blow them out now there is no smoke or big clumps left on top.  This is a great gift to give someone on it's own or give it with a candle. Wrap the candle and then tie the Wickman to the outside with ribbon (like a little hint of what's inside!  See below for example!


7.  Manicure or Pedicure Gift Certificate

Why do I love this gift idea?  Because a lot of women don't want to spend the money on themselves to get their nails done!  This gift "forces" her to take a minute and pamper herself!  She deserves it!  Find a local nail salon * tip: going to a spa to find this will hike your price up almost double, find a walk in place that just does nails!  They will be able to tell you the cost of each service so you know how much to purchase.  I also like to include a tip (which you can do) and write it on the gift certificate so your gift recipient isn't left wondering if they should tip when they are finished!

8.  Love Your Melon - Beanie

Not only does this company make a stylish product, they have a great mission behind that product!  Started by 2 college friends who had a goal to provide a hat to every child battling cancer,  this company has donated over 80,000 hats and 1.5 million dollars towards pediatric cancer, research and those childrens families.  50% of net proceeds are donated to Love Your Melons non-profit partners in the fight against pediatric cancer.  They have been wildly popular this season and many colors have sold out but there are still a few cute color choices left like this black and white speck one!


9.  Yeti - 20 oz

I was given this as a gift a couple of years ago and cannot imagine ever drinking from another tumbler again!  It's almost like magic!  You can put ice in it in the morning with whatever you are drinking and the ice will still be there at the end of the day!  Perfect to keep in your car and PERFECT to take to the beach or lake - even in the sun it will keep your drink cool and ice from melting.  They come in an array of sizes but this one is my favorite!  And yes they also keep your hot drinks hot if you like to take your coffee on the road!


10.  L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream & L'Occitaine Magic Key

a) The Shea Butter Hand Cream - ahhhhh I promise it's like putting magic on your hands!  Be careful because you will have a hard time going back to anything else!  It also smells amazing without being overpowering.  This is a gift I would love to receive!  You can give this on it's own or step it up a notch and add the...

b) Magic Key!  Your guaranteed tool to get every single ounce of lotion out of that tube! You simply slide the bottom of the hand cream tube into the key and turn the key as you use the cream (it stays on until you finish the tube), definitely a great way to get the most for your money and it's reusable for the next tube you buy!

Also, if you live near a store they do a great wrapping job (which saves you doing it) get them to wrap the box of hand cream and tie the magic key on the outside with the ribbon!  



11.  SAVVY Infusion 

It's not as scary as it looks and it's a fun way to spice up your water without artificial sweeteners!  Plus it looks cute which makes it more fun to drink!  You can add different fruits and even different herbs to make tea.  Right now with purchase you receive a free e-book full of different recipes and suggestions for use.


Here's a great way to wrap a wine glass, coffee mug or candle.  All you need is tissue paper, cello wrap and a ribbon!  

1. Place a large square piece of cello wrap on your counter.

2. Place a slightly smaller square piece of tissue on top of the cello wrap (the cello will prevent the tissue from tearing)

3. Place your glass, mug or candle in the center and pull all the sides up and around until it comes together on top.

4.  Wrap a piece of ribbon around tightly to secure.


5. This is when you could attach any extra items (like the Wickman) to the ribbon





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  • Such great gift ideas. I personally love the mugs, and the wine glasses!! Think I need to get some ;)
    Thanks Jen! Merry Christmas to you, Johnny and the kids :)

    Elaine Jozefowicz on

  • Hi jennifer. Joy again. Its actually shirlss33. Not shirls33. Thanks

    Joy on

  • Love love love. All these ideas are just perfect.. And the guide to wrapping tops it all off. Wonderful blog Jennifer. Just am in love with all the items. You nailed it girl. …p.s. Can you pls do this grandma-mom a huge favor. Can you pls say hi to shirls33. My daughter. She is 30 weeks pregnant and in hospital. They are administering steroids for baby and hoping she does not dialate anymore. Im so worried for her. Shes my baby. I know u probably get asked to do this alot. But please from one mom to another. It would mean so much. Im in tears. She just adores you and your messages on raising kids. So if you can find time to just give her a shout out, it would mean so much to me and help to cheer her up. Thanks Jennifer. Yours truly Joy

    Joy on

  • These gifts are awesome!!!! The way you wrapped the wine glass is simply stunning!!! Hope your going to put more gifts on the blog…

    Lori on

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