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Nuts & Bolts - a Holiday MUST!

Nuts & Bolts - a Holiday MUST!

Okay... I almost didn't post this because how can I share something that I fear only half of you will be able to get?  How have I never known that my beloved Shreddies cereal was ONLY available in Canada, England and New Zealand??? What on earth?  I tried to order myself a box and found them on Amazon, for $23 A BOX! What. On. Earth.  My Mom agreed to smuggled me a box in her suitcase and my crisis was averted.

So if you don't live in a country where these are available to you I'm sure you could substitute something like Chex?  I can't guarantee the outcome though, there's just something about Shreddies.  If you DO live in a country with Shreddies (like Canada) then these are a MUST!  I don't know why we only had them at Christmas growing up, we just did and I guess it's stuck with me that THAT'S when you make them.  This recipe makes SO much, you can give out tupperware containers as gifts, take a bowl to a party or serve to guests when they come over.  

So easy to make and your house will smell amazing while baking!

Anyone with another substitution idea for Shreddies please leave in the comments below!


Medium box of Cheerios

Medium box of Shreddies

1 Large bag of Pretzel sticks

1 pound of skinless Peanuts

3 TBSP Garlic Salt (you can add more if you like it more "garlicky")

1 pound of unsalted Butter (melted)


In order listed, add all the ingredients to a large Roasting Pan

Stir together so butter and garlic salt cover the dry ingredients

Roast COVERED in oven at 250 degree for 3 hours, stirring occasionally 



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  • Similar to my recipe but mine calls for 2lbs. butter, garlic salt, and Worcestershire sauce. I use Crispex cereal instead of shreddies. makes a lot – 4 ice cream pails. I also put in nacho bugles and sometimes those little cheese goldfish crackers.

    Carol DOwney on

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